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🔥 Wallstickers (except Moomin): Buy 2 get -20% OFF 🔥

Personliga klistermärken för Ikea Duktig Play Kitchen

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Original pris 43.00 €
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Förvandla ditt Ikea Duktig-kök till ett snyggt femstjärnigt café eller restaurang på bara några minuter med detta enkla Ikea-hack. Den svartvita färgsättningen i kombination med en varm gyllenbrun färg ger en verkligt fantastisk miljö för de mest lockande kreationerna från din unga kock.

Det här setet består av två delar, en övre och en undre, och du kan anpassa den undre delen med ditt eget namn och din egen text.

Innehåller: Duktig Kitchen: 2 dekaler för Ikea Duktig KitchenSize
of top part:
Storlek på den
övre delen: 1:
Storlek på den övre delen
: 65,7 x 17,1 cm (25,8 x 6,7 tum)
Storlek på den nedre delen: 1: (25,1 x 14,55 tum).


Does not contain PVC or harmful solvents.

Peel & Stick

Decorating could not be easier. No magic skills or tools needed.


Does it look funny? Carefully peel off the sticker and reattach to get it just right.

Easy to Remove

Simply peel off the stickers and you are ready to go.

Fun, Easy-to-Use Decor for Happy Homes

Easier than painting, our lovingly crafted re-positionable stickers are a great way to give a new look to your furniture, closets and other smoot surfaces in minutes - no prior skills or tools needed.

Frequently asked about Furniture Stickers

Can I reuse or reposition the stickers?

Yes, definitely! Our furniture stickers are easy to remove and reposition several times if needed. If you want to remove and reuse them on a different surface (or home), we recommend you use a non-stick paper like butchers paper to move them. A great DIY-tip is also to cover a piece of cardboard with cling film and use that as sticker transport. 

Are the stickers easy to remove?

Our stickers are really easy to remove, just peel them off. The water based adhesive might harden slightly over time, so you might find the stickers more difficult to peel off if they have been attached for several years. If you have any issues with removing the stickers, we recommend using a hairdryer to heat up and soften the adhesive. Any adhesive remains can just be wiped off with a wet rag.

Can I use the furniture stickers also on walls?

Sure, our furniture stickers work on all smooth surfaces - including walls. 

Hi Friend, awesome to meet you ❤️

Hi Friend, awesome to meet you ❤️

We are a small international team of dedicated and super friendly people all living and working up here in this cool & mysterious country called Finland (you know, home of Sauna, Santa Claus, Midnight Sun andwhat have you). Our great goal is to make magical and imaginative spaces easily accessible to all, no matter your skill level or resources. Someday we want to be just like Pixar & Disney, but for your walls 😘.

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